Railway Joggers

I have been doing some secretive sewing here.

Feels kinda scandalous to type that.

Part of my secret sewing was pattern testing for the brand new pdf sewing pattern company Sofiona Designs. Their pattern names, styles, and graphics all paint a picture of the beauty of their surroundings in the Borreal Forrest of northern Canada. These two ladies are a lot of fun! They have been gracious and meticulous as they worked so hard to not only start a company, but build a community. They have an exclusive fan group on facebook. (Click HERE to join!) Wow! You have to see the pictures that people are posting there! People have sewn so many adorable garments already!

Another great aspect of this company is that they donate a portion of all sales to A21, which combats modern day slavery by aiming to reach, rescue, and restore. You can read more about A21 HERE.

The best thing about their designs is that they are aimed towards girls 2-14, especially considering the higher end of that range. When my girls get a little older they don’t usually like to wear the things that I sew for them. They attend public school and that isn’t really considered “cool” there. People sometimes assume that I sew for them to save money (if only they knew what I spend on fabric!) and don’t understand how much I simply love to sew. Regardless, the girls can get a bit embarrassed when someone asks them if I made their clothes.

Enter: The Railway Joggers

For whatever reason, my girls think that joggers are the coolest, comfiest things to wear. I was so excited to be able to test this pattern! They are a quick sew, too. I made all 3 pairs in one afternoon.

railway-joggers-pattern cor.jpg

Since then, they have gotten more wear out of them than anything I have sewn for them in years. The youngest one especially loves to wear hers on gym days. My oldest got compliments on hers and even told her friends that I made them! GASP!!!!

Don’t let the “tough” looks in these pictures fool you. They really do love them. It was cold and they wanted to play and then my camera battery died.


I made the simplest version, but there are options for color blocking and pleats (like train tracks!) I let my girls choose the colors for each part. Sofiona patterns pay close attention to finishing so that they look just as neat and crisp on the inside.


I used an assortment of fabric from Joann to make these joggers. It is important to make sure that you have enough stretch (especially to go over bigger feet). I used heavier weight fabrics like ponte and reversible athletic fabric. The athletic fabric is wearing the best over these many, many, many washes.

You can get the Railway Joggers pattern HERE. Be sure to check out the rest of their patterns. I am pretty sure that I will be making an Artic Fox housecoat (or more than one) for Christmas!

Sofiona Designs is also starting out with a sale and 4 giveaways! WOW! Don’t forget to join the fan group HERE.

Launch Giveaway-01.jpg

Launch week has also included a lot of reveals by fellow pattern testers. You can see more examples of their patterns on the following blogs:

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Today they have more fun planned with a #funnyouttakes giveaway! You get to caption those pictures that are hilarious, but didn’t make the cut. You will have to head over to the Sofiona Designs fan page for details, but this is going to be a lot of fun! They can’t all be perfect pictures, right?


In the spirit of #keepingitreal and being able to laugh at those pictures that are duds, I will leave you with this gem. My photoshoot featured my least cooperative child, my serious child, and my perky overachiever. Next time I will charge the battery and bring bribe candy. How would you caption this one? Go ahead and leave a comment!