Fall Decluttering Challenge- Day 4

Yesterday I decluttered my desk and file boxes. I just decluttered the desk earlier this fall but I still managed to throw away a half garbage bag of stuff and empty out one of our file boxes. Each time I declutter I am a little more ruthless.

I love seeing the pictures of everyone else’s decluttering! You are doing a great job! Those clean desks, tables, closets, and bathrooms make me smile!



Today’s challenge will be a bit harder for me. We are bracing for a snowstorm so the kids will be coming home from school shortly. I have some Christmas stuff I need to do before they come home so I probably won’t get to the playroom. It is an absolute disaster. Maybe I will make them clean it first.

My craft stuff is also a disaster. Since we had to tear the sunroom down I had to rehome everything that was stored out there. It is not going well. I downsized then, but apparently I need to downsize again. I am donating some stuff to the school. The rest will probably go the thrift store unless anyone has a better idea. I think I might sell some things on our local facebook yard sale pages, too. I usually don’t bother with the hassle of that, though.


The bonus mission for today is pretty simple- declutter your gift wrap and gift bags. It is a great time to take inventory, too. You will know if you need to get more before Christmas so you don’t run out when the stores are crazy. I picked up tape and packaging tape yesterday. It was one, tiny victory that made me feel like I have my act together (clearly, I don’t.)

I store my gift wrapping supplies in a box under the bed, but the long rolls don’t fit and it is annoying. Do you have any good tips for storing gift wrap? Closets are minimal here, so it is a bit harder.

I hope everyone stays safe and warm in the snow/ice! To those of you with nice weather… enjoy it while you think of the cold Pennsylvanians!