Clover Chains

The second fabric that I designed for Project Nature Adventure is inspired by clover chains. We live out in the country, so we have adventures in nature all the time. My daughters spend a lot of lazy summer afternoons tying clovers together. Sometimes they like to see who can make the longest chain. Sometimes they make necklaces. Sometimes they challenge me and try to get help making rings. Sometimes, if they are lucky, they might even find a four leaf clover!

DBP fabric inspired by sunshine and clover chains
Clover Chains by PACountryCrafts for Project Run and Play
I love this flowy girls skirt in double brushed poly! Clover Chains for Project Nature Adventure

My “Clover chains” design is printed on a double brushed poly, which is my girls’ favorite fabric. It is really, really, really soft and such a nice quality. It was easy to work with and is heavy enough to have a good amount of drape. That made it perfect for this high low ruffle skirt! (Oh, and I made a matching doll skirt with the scraps- free pattern and tutorial available HERE.)

Clover Chains Double Brushed Poly Fabric for Project Run and Play
DBP Clover Chains fabric for Project Run and Play
Clover Chains DBP- look at those tiny clover blossoms!
Clover buds
I love this girls skirt made of Clover Chains DBP for Project Nature Adventure

You can preorder the Clover Chains fabric HERE and see all of the other fun designs! There is even a lookbook packed full of sewing inspiration and nature activities. See that HERE- you don’t want to miss it!

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