Cozy Camping PJs

Many fabric designers start with a main print and evolve their collection from there. For the Project Nature Adventure collaboration for Project Run and Play we worked backwards by pulling elements from each of our individual pieces and incorporating them into Toya of Made by Toya’s map design. We had it printed on a high quality, soft, cotton jersey. Then, we each sewed something with the fabric to show its versatility, coming up with more than 11 different items! You can see the variety in our new lookbook HERE.

One of my daughters’ favorite adventures is spending time at their uncle’s campsite. Making s’mores, building tree forts, and flying through the air on the tire swing are all part of the experience. With that in mind, I decided that I wanted to sew a mix and match pajama set for my daughter, so I really stretched my one yard of fabric to the fullest!

Mix and Match PJs using Adventure Mapped Cotton Jersey from Project Run and Play

I even had enough left over to make a few drawstring bags! (See the tutorial HERE.)

I wanted to write up a blog post featuring some of the details about each piece I made. So here it goes…

First, I made an Aurora Raglan by Sofiona Designs for the top. I sized up because I wanted a looser fit. I also think this would have been cute with vinyl from one of the Project Nature Adventure digital files.

I used the Ellie and Mac (free) Grow With Me Pajamas to make the pants. I shortened the length and the cuff to make them capris, though.

Adventure Mapped Cotton Jersey for Project Run and Play- Pajamas made of the Aurora Raglan for Sofiona Designs

That used up the bulk of my fabric, so I was very strategic about the remaining pieces. I wanted a tank for warm, summer nights and chose the Starry Night PJs by Sofiona Designs. I actually used a bit more fabric because I cut the bodice and back very specifically to center the mountain range in the design. This fabric has so many great elements that pattern placement can easily highlight specific ones. I think the blue binding really made it stand out more, too.

Girls camping PJs made with Adventure Mapped Cotton Jersey for Project Run and Play
Girls camping pjs made with the Starry Night PJs for Sofiona Designs and Adventure Mapped fabric for Project Run and Play

Last, I added some Seed Pattern shorts. Pockets in PJs? Why not?!? That is actually perfect for camping! Pulling another solid color from the Adventure Mapped print changes the look of the fabric. Those little paw prints and dashed lines really stand out!

Aurora Raglan by Sofiona Designs made with Adventure Mapped CJ for Project Run and Play

I also cut out a mountain range, coordinating with the fussy cut tank, to applique onto the shorts. This fabric has a lot of fun elements that would make great appliques!

Applique made from Adventure Mapped fabric for Project Run and Play

When everything was finished, we had a little photo shoot at their uncle’s campsite. The tent was her “dressing room” and in between mix and match changes she played while I snapped pictures. We also noticed a lot of fun things in the woods and the girls would excitedly say, “Mommy! Get a picture! Get a picture of this! Look!”

Camping PJ set in Adventure Mapped for Project Run and Play
Daddy Long Leg Spider
Starry Night PJ tank and Seed Pattern Shorts- perfect for girls summer camping pajama sewing!
Red Mushroom
Cozy Camping PJs in Adventure Mapped fabric for Project Run and Play
Moss Spores
Pajama pants made with Adventure Mapped fabric for Project Run and Play
Yellownecked Caterpillars
White Mushrooms
Cozy Camping PJs made with Adventure Mapped Cotton Jersey for Project Run and Play

I am grateful that I was able to be a part of this collaboration. I learned so many new skills, pushed my creativity, and made some cute things for my kids! I am also glad that needing a photo shoot gave us a reason to spend a few hours having our own little nature adventure.

Adventure Mapped Cotton Jersey
Aurora Raglan
Grow With Me Pajamas
Starry Night PJs
Seed Pattern (Shorts)
Drawstring Adventure Bag

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