Strawberry Shortcake Dress


My 3yo is still on the Strawberry Shortcake kick! So for her birthday I made her a Strawberry Shortcake dress. I just blatantly copied Strawberry's dress by sewing a semi-circle skirt to the bottom of a white T-shirt. It turned out pretty good, but my brain does NOT function well lately, so I had a few snags. I accidentally made the skirt twice as big as I needed to (should have divided the waist by 4 instead of 2!) so I cut it in half and now I could make another one if I need to (and I might because this is a white shirt after all!) I originally wanted a full circle skirt, so it isn't as twirly as I wanted, but it is actually closer to the "real" one.

I appliqued the strawberry and diamonds on the shirt for the argylish pattern on the new Strawberry's dress. I did them by hand while at soccer practice so she wouldn't see it. (Everything else was done over a few naptimes).If I hadn't been doing this as a surprise I would have been able to catch that the T-shirt is a little long and it would be better if I had cut some of the bottom off before sewing the skirt on. But now it is big and if she doesn't destroy it she can grow into it and wear it longer.
Oh- and, completely unrelated to sewing, I kept things simple for her cake since I am on a major cake-flopping roll here. Just pink icing cupcakes with strawberry gummies on them slapped together at the last minute.

Happy Birthday!!!