Flannel Button Quilt


So, my little girl went through a phase where she LOVED pink camouflage. I was on a flannel quit kick, so I decided to make her a pink camo one for her second birthday.
She turned five in December.
You see, I thought it would be absolutely charming and adorable to do a checkerboard pattern and use high-loft batting and sew a button on each square. I was picturing this comfy, cutesy, "Little House on the Prairie" effect. But sewing buttons is a pain in the neck.
So now, 3 1/2 years later, in my "finish up projects so I can make room for Baby #5 kick" I have forced myself to finish it! I only had 21 buttons left to sew on, and it probably took me less than an hour (hanging my head in shame here). The binding only took one dentist appointment and two soccer practices. It is an odd size and the pink in the squares doesn't really match the camo too well, but it was so long ago that I don't know what I was thinking anymore. BUT... YAY for another finish!!! And since she is older now, buttons are probably less of a choking hazard. :)