Mermaid Friends Quiet Book Page

This is the page where I got a little carried away.
Naomi really likes her fish tank (she calls plecostomus "grumpy fish") and when I came across this old, blue, swirly fabric I immediately though "ocean."
ocean theme quiet book page
Of course, the tea-dyed muslin (a little off color in these pics) made great sand at the bottom. It also doubles as a little pocket.
mermaid friends quiet book page
There is where I got a little carried away. I got out the felt and started creating little ocean creatures and had way too much fun with it.
mermaid friends quiet book page
On the left side I made seaweed inspired by THIS tutorial (which is actually for forest animals in grass, but it works here, too.) The little sea animals can play in the seaweed made of bits of ribbon, ric rac, and dyed lace. That keeps in line with the theme of the rest of the book even if the bright sea creatures are way off. They are fun. I don't care.
fish and seaweed quiet book page
I hand embroidered the faces on the jellyfish and starfish. Then, I machine stitched another layer on the back (with ric rac between them for the jellyfish.) The dolphin and purple sparkly fish were done by hand. The sequins were from some trim, but I ended up hand stitching most of them on  anyway since it wanted to come apart.
On the right side we have a sunken ship with a little port hole for playing peek-a-boo and some more seaweed-ish stuff (ric rac and gathered satin ribbon) I added just cause it needed something.
sunken ship quiet book page
The mermaids were just so cute that I ended up making three of them. They are completely hand stitched. I had some time to wait around on my husband in the car and added lots of details.
felt mermaids quiet book page
felt mermaid and dolphin
mermaid friends quiet book page


Just two more pages/one post to go!
mermaid friends quiet book page

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