March Decluttering ~ Office

I didn’t do so well with the February challenge. I did a lot of sewing last month, so I made a pretty big mess. However, yesterday I buckled down and finished cleaning up my mess and decluttering my bedroom. I have a full bag to donate, a lot of garbage was thrown away, and I did all of my mending! I have a project that was put on hold when I lost my sunroom, since that is where I paint, but we set up a painting table in the kitchen last night and I am determined to finish this weekend!

2019 Decluttering Challenge- Office

Now, on to March. For March I was thinking “tax season,” which made me think “office” and “paper.” I actually filed my taxes last month, but I missed an envelope and will have to file an amendment. If your desk and paper situation is under control, tax season would theoretically be less stressful. I like to lead by the example of what NOT to do.

While we are in the category of “paper,” I thought it would be a good idea to include books. I am in a unique position because I have such a wide range of children in terms of both ages and interests. I am keeping a lot of books on the shelf in case one of the younger ones shows an interest (and it HAS happened!) I think it is important to have a good collection of books available for the kids. As for my own books, I save very few. I prefer to pass them along and bless someone else. I don’t reread books and I actually haven’t taken much time to read in the past year or two anyway. My point is, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to decluttering.

If you want to join in our facebook decluttering group (HERE) we are encouraging each other and sharing ideas. Accountability and community are great motivators! I will even share a brutally honest before picture this morning!

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