February Decluttering ~ The Bedroom

How did January’s decluttering go?

I always start in the kitchen because I find that it is the hardest room to declutter. I feel like I made a good amount of progress. At this point, I think my biggest obstacle is training my dishwashers to put things away properly. ;) A wonderful group of ladies joined in the decluttering challenge and we have been sharing progress, encouragement, and ideas in our facebook group. You can join it HERE.

For February’s Decluttering Challenge, I was thinking of Valentine’s Day. I don’t consider my bedroom to be a very romantic or restful place. (That is not an insult to my husband!) So much STUFF gets thrown into our bedroom that I feel overwhelmed when I walk through the door. Unfortunately, my bedroom has to be the place that holds a lot of my craft supplies for the time being (more on that HERE.) It is also my sewing room. I have baskets and bolts of fabric stored underneath my bed. I have jars of buttons on top of my dresser. Sometimes I leave the ironing board set up. Our bedroom also collects piles of clothes to be mended or donated or put away in storage. I am constantly reminded of all of the things I need to do. I am even stressed out when I sleep! I clench my teeth and my wrist and it causes pain throughout the day. I want my bedroom to be a more peaceful, restful room in hopes that it will help me to relax.

I thought that February would be a good month to love ourselves by creating a restful, decluttered place for retreat at the end of the day. It sounds nice, right? I have a lot of work to do.

PACountryCrafts 2019 Decluttering Challenge- February we are working on our bedrooms!

We are going to tackle the kids’ bedrooms/guest bedrooms later. I really just want to focus on our own stuff this month. You know, set a good example and all that. This can include your clothing, dressers, nightstands, etc. For me, that is going to mean getting a handle on the sewing and craft stuff. Everyone has a different situation so just do what you gotta do.

If you are looking for some ideas, support, and accountability you can request to join our decluttering group HERE.

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