Little Diva Dress

As soon as she found the chapstick, I knew I wasn't getting her to cooperate and look at the camera anymore. Oh, but she looks like a little diva in this ensemble! (For the record, I totally would not put up with diva behavior from my girls, though!)
This was my absolute FAVORITE Easter dress this year. It was a lot of work, but totally worth every bit of it! I started making a tutorial for it, but ended up sewing long into the night/early Easter morning. My sewing table is in a corner of our bedroom and my old beast of a machine is LOUD, so I wasn't going to subject my sleeping husband to flash photography on top of all of that racket.  
The construction of the skirt is similar to THIS tutorial from GirlInspired, except I cut my curved edges on more of an angle, used a rolled hem on the ruffles, and also made the ruffled inner section triangular (I wasn't ruffling any more than I had to!)
It was so heavy that I knew it would need a petticoat underneath, so I built one of those into the dress. It was definitely a good call and makes it super adorable on her, even if it is a bit more impractical when squeezing into a crowded pew on Easter Sunday.
The halter part was a breeze, so I might incorporate that part into a dress later and show you how to do it. I just don't think I have it in me to make another dress with this much ruffling. I am ruffled out. Seriously.
Now, for the twirling picture:
Oh, well, not so much. :)
Making (elaborate) Easter dresses for my girls is a lot of work, but it makes me happy to see them all dressed up and I know we are making some memories here...

To recap, here are the other dresses shown above:

Next Easter, I wonder if I will have four or five dresses to make? :)

I am linking this up to Project Run & Play's Sew-Along for Week 4: Spring Formal Wear.  I just couldn't wait until Week 4 of their competition to show everyone what I made this year. :)  These dresses make a great formal wear collection all together, although the Little Diva Dress is probably the fanciest one. :) You can read more about Project Run & Play HERE.

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