July Decluttering Challenge ~ Kids or Guest Bedrooms

I learned my limitations through the June Decluttering Challenge.

The plan was to tackle outdoor spaces. Our place is a pretty big mess.

I started by finishing the flowerbeds. I need to do some maintenance work again, but they look good. Unfortunately, the grass and weeds around them hide that a bit.
I worked on the garage where we park and got my side cleaned and swept. The other side of the garage is another story.
I tried to clean the other garages where he has farm and construction stuff but I didn’t get very far. I don’t know what most of it is or where it belongs.
I got my son to help cut down a tree so that we would have more parking for equipment. 2/3 of the tree is still laying there.
I cleaned our porch really, really well and then a storm blew in so the kids had to relocate 10 gallons or so of orbies from the inflatable kiddie pool. They spilled a lot of them.

I can only do so much. Most of this is not my mess and I can only take care of my part. We are mid-construction with the sunroom (HOORAY for some progress!), my husband just started a new business, and the farming bit is struggling. Our property probably reflects a great deal of the upheaval in our lives. I suppose I need to have more patience and learn to tolerate what I cannot change.

July Decluttering Challenge- kids bedrooms or guest bedrooms

I planned all of the monthly challenges back in January. June was frustrating in that there were other people’s messes I could not clean up. This month, I am going to declutter WITH my children to clean up their messes!

My son is an adult and I refuse to clean his room. We bribed him with an air conditioner so hopefully that works!

I have one daughter out of five who does not need any help decluttering. Sometimes I actually worry that she declutters too much.

The other four are going to need a lot of help. Still, I think it will be good for us to do this together.

Our challenge for July is to declutter kids’/guest bedroom(s). Perhaps you have neither… you can take a month off or pick something else!

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