Cozy Knit Maternity Skirt

Last week I whipped up this skirt for myself. Yes, I sewed something for myself. That was not a typo. 
I am not usually comfortable having my picture taken, but for my loyal readers I will make this sacrifice.  :)  I walked up to the edge of the fields with my oldest daughter and gave her the camera.    She did a fantastic job!
Oh, and before you think that belly is so adorable, let me put it in perspective.  I am only 21 weeks. Yup. It is gonna be a looooooong summer! Good thing this knit has a lot of stretch!
Last time I was expecting I tried to make one of these skirts and it was a giant FAIL. This time, I messed up the exact same way (UGH!) by sewing the skirt on inside out, but I was able to save it. I sewed everything on my serger this time, too.  I can, hopefully, wear this one after the baby is born with the yoga waistband folded down.  If I need to, I can easily rip it apart and take it in, and I might shorten it some, too.  It is so incredibly comfortable and you can find the tutorial I used HERE.

 I have JUST enough left over that I think I am going to make a skirt for one of the girls. However, I love the detail on this shirt (Thank you, Loni!) and I am considering trying to make a similar design on the knit using a bleach pen. Do you think it will work?

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