April Decluttering Challenge ~ Storage

How did the office/paper decluttering go?

I am not going to lie. My desk is currently a mess. I really have minimized what I keep on/in/under my desk. It is just that with our sunroom gone we now use the dining room door and my desk is our new dumping ground. I currently see paint, a box of bandaids, glue, chapstick, sunglasses, books, and a toy dog. That lady on Netflix doesn’t know what she is talking about. I can clean everything off so that it sparks joy but there are so many joy-crushers here that it is trashed again the next day. The good news is that, if I wanted to, I could clean it all up in a few minutes. I still made progress.

I think that the hardest thing about cleaning is not having a spot for things. I regularly accumulate piles of items that have nowhere to go. So, April is going to be a tough month, but it is necessary. We are tackling storage.

April Decluttering Challenge: Storage

Everyone has a different system when it comes to storage: unused bedrooms, attics, basements, under the beds, etc. Just pick whatever you need to do. (I do have a month planned for closets later this year, though!)

Most of our storage is in a shed outside. That shed is pretty much falling apart, so I need to downsize again. I am hoping to add more storage when we rebuild the sunroom, but it will still be less space. With the kids growing up, I can now store less clothing than when they were smaller and changed sizes more often. I am also selective about what I store. I view totes as valuable space and only the best things earn a spot. Last year, I cut down on the amount of clothing we have so that we no longer store seasonal wardrobes. However, I am currently using a lot of space for storing craft supplies and when we demolished the sunroom a lot of random stuff got shoved in there, so it is not very organized at the moment. This month is going to be hard for me.

As always, feel free to join our decluttering group on facebook. It is great for encouragement and accountability.

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