WIP Wednesday ~ Getting Ready for Easter


Besides one for my nephew, I finished up all of my Easter basket orders last week and it was a big relief to be done so early! I will share pics of all of those later this week.

We had a spell of nice weather, so I spent some time in the sunroom cutting out one of the girls' Easter dresses. I usually don't start them until a week before Easter, so this was highly unusual for me!

This is the start of the next page of the spring quiet book I am making. I actually finished the page since I took this picture, so I will keep showing the quiet book progress on my facebook page.
If you follow my facebook page, I shared this scary story the other day! 

My biggest fear while sewing actually happened yesterday. I was trying to hem jeans and forgot to change from my old, dull, standard needle to a denim needle. That side seam was just too much. The needle shattered and a piece hit me in the eye! It scared me more than it hurt. We have an awesome eye doctor who saw me right away! He got everything checked out and flushed out just in case. The needle just left a scratch, didn't stick in the eye, and didn't hit the center, so I am very fortunate! When picking up my antibiotic drops I also got some new safety glasses and denim needles so that I could finish the hem.

I am very thankful that everything worked out OK! After hemming those jeans later, since I had a fresh denim needle in the machine, I did some mending on my daughter's jeans. They turned out great and I plan on blogging about them later, too.

I really need to get moving on those Easter dresses, but I also want to start a million other projects. It is hard to stay focused! 11 days to go! Would anyone like to take a guess at my "theme" this year?

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