Washi Tape Organization

My daughter has decided that she hates blogging today, so I am going to finish the post for her. It is all about getting organized with washi tape.

Washi tape can help to get things organized in a fun, cute way. My mom made her own tabs in journals to create sections by folding a little washi tape on the edge of the page.

Washi tape on the edge of journal pages to make dividers

My mom also uses washi tape in her planner, and I use it on my calendar to mark important dates.

Washi tape is great for calendars!

My sisters and I also used washi tape to mark the phone/tablet chargers so that we know whose is whose. Charger theft is a very serious crime in our house.

Use washi tape on phone/tablet chargers so they don't get mixed up!

I have my own little "classroom" and the freezer door is the dry erase board. Many real teachers also use washi tape to create sections on blackboards or dry erase boards.

Washi tape for homeschooling- make sections on dry erase boards

I also made a bunch of washi tape clothespin magnets. If you have washi tape that is about the same size as the clothespins it doesn't get any easier than this! Just put a strip of washi tape on the front and an adhesive magnet or two on the back.

Washi tape clothespin magnets

Washi tape clothespin magnets- easy craft project for kids or groups

I also made these organizers out of one of my shotgun shell boxes. The animal print is actually duct tape, though.

Washi tape on small boxes to sort school supplies

Use tape to cover cardboard boxes- thrifty organizing ideas!


Thanks for taking your time to read this post!

If you want to pin these ideas for later...

Get organized with washi tape!

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