Strawberry Shortcake Dress


Just a quick little show-off here...

I made another Strawberry Shortcake dress (original HERE) for my niece's 3rd birthday. It turned out super cute and she immediately wanted to put it on, so she must have liked it. :)

Same as before, it is a semi-circle skirt (left over from my screw-up two years ago) sewn to an embellished Garanimals T-shirt from Walmart.  This time I improved and did two things differently:

1. Garanimals shirts are extra long, so I chopped a few inches off the bottom to avoid that 80s drop-waist look.

2. I did freezer paper stenciling instead of applique for the top. I love it! It turned out so crisp and professional-looking! :)

Now my 5yo wants another one. We'll see. Maybe I can use that as an incentive around here. :)