Strawberry Shortcake Doll Dress

Last year, I made my niece a Strawberry Shortcake dress for her birthday.(See it HERE!) So, this year I decided to make a matching one for her 18" doll.
American Girl Doll Strawberry Shortcake Dress
I just took the free T-shirt pattern from Liberty Jane (found HERE) and shortened it. I used an old, white T-shirt for my fabric. Then, I used freezer paper stenciling to make the Strawberry Shortcake logo on the front. Those tiny pieces were a PAIN to cut out!
American Girl Doll Strawberry Shortcake Dress
I assembled the shirt, then cut a skirt from leftover fabric I used on my previous girl-sized Strawberry Shortcake dresses. I made sure the waists matched and cut the skirt in a wide, A-line shape. I left a little opening in the center of the back and hemmed it inwards so that it goes on and off easier. Then, I just sewed the skirt to the shirt. I did a narrow hem at the bottom. 
American Girl Doll Strawberry Shortcake Dress
It was a quick project and a nice distraction from the craziness going on around here these days. Now, I need to get back to making actual strawberry shortcake!

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