Sneak Peek at the First Easter Dress!


I am busy sewing up a storm over here! One Easter dress is totally finished and two more are started.  The other one is still just a sketch and some random scribblings. I usually like to wait until they are all finished, but I am so excited about this one and I also wanted to audition for The Sew Off, so I only have a few hours to spare before auditions close. :)

I designed this dress for my oldest daughter from various elements of other dresses I have seen and liked.  I am still thinking of a name for it, too.  I will give the full tutorial later, but in the mean time, here are some of her modeling shots.

It has a cross-front bodice, just because I have never made one and wanted to try it.  I also fell in love with the idea of a wide band overlaid with crochet lace trim.

What little girls wouldn't love a pretty laced up back?

The challenge was getting the lacing to work with a full circle skirt.  She specifically asked for one that twirled, which meant that I had to make a dash to the store for more fabric last night.

Oh, but it twirls! I don't know how people get such cute pictures of their little girls twirling in circle skirts.  Then again, my girls are half falling over when they try to twirl so maybe it isn't all the photography.  I am going to have to make them practice twirling.

Hmmm... So if you can think of a good name for this one, I would love to hear your ideas!  
UPDATE: Combining a few of the suggestions, I came up with the Twirly Lace Dress and posted the tutorial HERE. Thanks for all of your help!!

I am also linking up at GirlInspired (love her blog, for obvious reasons!) and maybe some other places on my Link Parties page.  Then, it is back to sewing! Stay tuned...