Pie and Ice Cream Quiet Book Pages

Let's start things off with a little bit of a food theme here, shall we? Yummm...
pie and ice cream quiet book page
I made a pie page like this for Grace's quiet book and the "pie filling" is actually leftover fabric from an apron that I made for Naomi a few years ago. So, I had to make another one. It is super easy.
felt pie quiet book page
I thought the pink gingham was a little bit "tableclothy."
Whoops! I sewed the page on upside down. Oh well, it will still work just fine.
blueberry pie quiet book page
The ice cream page was actually the very last page I made for the book and was very last minute. Shocking, I know. I could NOT figure out what to make. My sister, Loni, talked me out of doing something with organic molecule building (my other sister and I are both chem majors.) Eventually I decided on ice cream, which is also appropriate since both of my sisters were Dairy Princesses and Naomi's parents have a dairy farm.
Plus, we love ice cream!
ice cream cone quiet book page
The ice cream carton is just a pocket that is stitched onto the background. Then, I made a white rectangle and stitched the top edge above the pocket to create a lid.


ice cream cone quiet book page


I made an ice cream cone out of a tea-dyed muslin scrap and stitched diagonal, crossing lines on it. There is a layer of tan felt behind there for some added thickness. I stitched a strip of white velcro- the fuzzy side to the background fabric and stitched the cone below that, just overlapping the bottom edge of the velcro a little.
ice cream cone quiet book page

For the ice cream scoops, I stitched some velcro squares to white felt, then used heat'n'bond to fuse scraps onto the other side of the felt. I stitched around the edge of the ice cream scoop template I drew and then trimmed 1/8" away from the edge the whole way around.

ice cream cone quiet book page
For a last-minute thing it turned out pretty well!
Pie & Ice Cream Quiet Book Page
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