One Fish Two Fish Busy Bag

I had another cute busy bag idea and it only took 5 minutes to make, so I went with it. I know my daughter needs some work on her numbers so One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish was a pretty obvious choice. I just cut red and blue fish out of card stock, stacking a couple pieces together to cut a bunch at once. The red ones are marked with numerals and the blue ones have a corresponding number of dots.

I like creating busy bags that have a variety of ways to learn. We worked on sorting by color, creating patterns, recognizing and ordering numerals, matching numerals to the correct number of dots, and counting out fish to match the number.

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Game

Red Fish Blue Fish Patterns Activity

One Fish Two Fish Numbers Activity

red fish blue fish counting activity

Number Matching Dr. Seuss Game

It is pretty simple but I can get a lot of out it. I showed her how to start the simpler tasks and then it gave me a few minutes to work while she completed the sorting or pattern. She needs more help with recognizing numerals so we did that together. Then we worked on her numbers a few other ways.

If you want to pin it for later...

One Fish Two Fish Preschool Busy Bag

Also, here is the activity we did earlier this week: