Lily's Quiet Book ~ Camera and Sewing Machine Pages


Like I said before, I kinda' stalked my cousin on facebook to figure out what they would like. That sounds creepy. Let's call it creatively brainstorming ideas. I knew Lily's mom is talented at photography and sewing, so I incorporated that into the book.

The background for the camera page is yellow with tiny butterflies. I sewed some vintage trims on the top and bottom just because it needed something. 
The applique on the camera came out really sharp! I added some buttons for the buttons and a little heart applique just for cuteness.
It is sewn down like a little flap and underneath I took the packaging from a curtain to make a clear pocket. I thought this would be nice to add a picture of her grandparents, who asked me to make the book.
The sewing machine is made much like Grace's (see HERE) except I skipped the velcro bobbin. I also appliqued the needle differently and added some thread embroidery like a trail of thread leaving the needle. Oh, and the sewing machine is blue, obviously.
The background fabric is one of my favorites! It really has a vintage vibe and the colors matched really well. A vintage button was added for a pretend knob. The pink fabric is actually folded in half to make a storage pocket. I used pinking shears to cut fabric squares again, but I paired them up.

I made sure they were all the same size so that they can be arranged like a quilt. 

I also made a little memory game with this adorable farm fat quarter that I got at Joann's. I fused it to some purple fabric and fussy cut the squares to make pairs. The only thing that I don't like is that you can see through the purple if you look closely enough. I am hoping a 2yo won't notice. Maybe it will give her parents an edge. I know I could use one when playing Memory with the kids!

These pages were actually pretty simple to make. The more complicated ones are yet to come. (And they are super cute, too!)