Grace's Quiet Book- Paper Dolls Page

The paper doll fabric I found two years ago started this whole quiet book thing. Yeah. I procrastinate a little.
I was totally inspired by THIS paper doll quiet book page so you can read all about it there. Stef gives a nice tutorial on how she made hers. The only thing I did differently on the dolls was that I used a blanket stitch and left some of the white edge around the dolls.
On the clothes, I did three layers of interfacing and fused them to a layer of flannel so that they kinda' stick to the fabric and they are very durable.
Also, I was a bit lazier. I made a dresser instead of an armoire. I just made a pocket out of two layers of interfaced brown fabric. I stitched rectangles on to resemble drawers and sewed on some vintage buttons for drawer pulls. In hindsight, I wish I would have done two knobs on each drawer.  Anyway, it holds all of the clothes very nicely.
Grace's older sisters are very jealous of these pages. I have a lot of the paper doll fabric left, so I may have to do something for them.



I am about halfway done with the posts about these pages, so if you want to see the rest of them you can click HERE.
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