Grace's Quiet Book- Button Flower Page

Grace's Quiet Book Button Flowers
OK. So the button flower page idea is pretty common. I have seen many examples on Pinterest so I am not gonna' cite just one. I did change it up just a bit for mine, though. Look closely...
fabric button flowers quiet book page


fabric button flowers quiet book page
See? The flowers are reversible! All I did was fuse two scraps of fabric together (some of them are truly vintage fabrics!) Then, I traced a flower and sewed along the line I traced. Very carefully, I trimmed about 1/8" away from the seam all around the flower shape. A quick buttonhole in the center and - TADA! - reversible flowers.
fabric button flowers quiet book page
The stems are just green ric-rac and the leaves are made of felt. I used a contrasting fabric for the bottom to represent grass. I stitched some bright yellow buttons at the top of the "stems" to hold the flowers. Now I wish I would have used something a little more "vintage" or even plain white. This was one of the first pages I made, so I hadn't gotten carried away with the "shabby-chic-vintagey" look yet.
reversible fabric button flowers quiet book page


Grace hasn't quite mastered the whole button skill thing yet, but this is good practice. She can make patterns with the flowers and work on her colors, too. So, it is educational and cute. :)
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