Easter Sewing Part 1

I am going to start my Easter sewing series with the easiest of the skirts I made. First, however, I need to brag about my thriftiness! I found this heavy cotton material - it is a little stiffer than regular cotton- for $2.00 a yard for 60” width at Walmart. I also bought a yard of plain white cotton and some notions like elastic, ribbon, bias tape, and a zipper. Sadly, the fabric was the cheapest part!

My 4yo’s skirt was VERY simple to make! I sort of used the directions I found here. It called for making a simple tube of fabric from a rectangle made in the desired length by the whole 45” width… but mine was 60” width. SO I used double her waist- about 40” which seems to be a good way to figure a gathered skirt- double the waist. With her facing me, I measured the length I wanted and as per the directions I added 2” for elastic casing and hem. However, I have now learned that she takes after me more than I thought- she DOES have a butt! So it is shorter than I would have liked in the back and we will just put leggings under there from now on.

I made my 14” by 40” rectangle into a tube by sewing the short ends together and used my mini-serger to overlock the raw edges. Then I just sewed an elastic casing on the top by turning it down and sewing all the way around except for an opening to insert elastic. I put in elastic a little shorter than her waist and it gathers up nicely when it is all done.

I turned the bottom up and hemmed it in place before sewing some grosgrain ribbon along the bottom hem for embellishment. It was so quick and easy!

One down... three to go!