DIY Doll Bunk Beds


For Christmas 2014 I got my husband to build our daughter bunk beds for her American girl dolls. Of course, it was finished just before Christmas, and I was sneaking down to the basement for a few minutes at a time to paint them red, her favorite color. I was so surprised that I was able to pull it off! (I also had a gigantic trapping basket in the tub hidden behind the shower curtain that day! I am pretty sure I inherited a gene for last-minute-homemade-gift-making.)

red and aqua american girl doll bunk beds

To build the beds, I found free plans from Ana White (available HERE). My husband did find a small error in the directions and it is important to note that these beds are not made to withstand children climbing on them. Not that ours would do that...

DIY doll bunk beds

The other part to this gift was that I took her fabric shopping to choose fabric for the bedding. It was a painful experience. I did a post on the sampler quilts HERE. They took forever.

18 inch doll bunk beds

It fits the dolls nicely and it coordinates really well with their bedroom. (You can see the collage wall and free printables HERE).

red doll bunk beds

Of course, with five girls in this house, you can bet that one doll bed is not enough! I will be posting about that one soon!
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