More Key Fobs

My daughter decided to reinvest the profits from her first key fob sale to buy more supplies. We do some economics lessons as she plans out what she wants to buy. I like that she is able to learn multiple skills through this little "business". She has to do a lot of math, too. I won't help her and I won't let her use my calculator because I am mean like that. So, as before, I will link each pic to the shop if you are interested in purchasing any of these. If not, you can just scroll through and appreciate how cute they turned out!

She finally gave one to me this time, too! I don't mean to sales pitch them so much, but it does make it a lot easier to find my keys in the abyss of my purse if I am not wearing the fob on my wrist, too!

P.S. Link to my shop is HERE.

Key Fobs

My 14yo daughter has a shopping addiction. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to fund it. As a mean mother, I force her to earn spending money. One of those ways is through sewing. She has made doll clothes in the past, but now that she is a little older she is transitioning to new sewing ventures. Her first product line is key fobs. I have them listed in my shop if you are interested. If you click on the pictures it should take you straight to the listing as well.

So, now it is your turn...

What was your first source of income? Did you have a babysitting job? A lemonade stand? Mow lawns? I did a tiny bit of babysitting and I also tutored students in English after school.