Mend Holes in Jeans 3 Different Ways


My 7yo has been really hard on her jeans! I guess she is just at that age. I also catch her crawling around on the floor playing with her younger sisters a lot. Whatever the cause, she is wearing holes in the knees of all of her jeans! Some of them I just bought her a few months ago! Grrr! I did get her another pair, but I don't want to keep buying jeans because soon it will be "shorts weather" and surely by next school year she will jump up another size.

So, for now, I mended them. I am not usually that great at mending jeans. When we first got married I tried to mend my husband's jeans and the (ugly) patches fell off the first time he wore them. This time, I decided to try out a couple of different techniques and see what was easiest/cutest/holds up the best.

The first one is the prettiest! Yes, it took some time, but I like hand stitching, especially when it can be kind of random embroidery like this. 
I found the basic directions HERE but used scraps from jeans I cut off into shorts a long time ago to make a denim patch to cover the back.
The second one I tried wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. The biggest pain was having to open up the outside seams of the jeans to get access to the knees with my sewing machine, then sew them shut again. I like that they maintain a worn look, but should not rip out further and her knees won't get cold. :)
I got the patching directions HERE. One of the patches shifted while I was stitching and got a little wonky- I used the wrong heat'n'bond at first- you need Ultra Hold!

The last one was super easy! I got some iron on patches in bright colors. I must have had a coupon or something. Anyway, I used one of the knobs from THIS dresser (my blog post was accidentally deleted but the pin is still there) to make a template. The patches are just easily ironed on. NO SEWING! It seems too good to be true, so we will see if it holds up. I really think it needs some rhinestone "seeds" on there, too! That would be really cute!

So, after one evening of sewing and/or ironing my daughter has three more wearable pairs of jeans. I will try to update later to let you know how each one holds up!
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