Ana White Farmhouse Twin Beds


We are just about finished with the girls' new bedroom and I am so excited to show you what my husband made!!!

Beds! Aren't they awesome? He made custom beds for the girls using free plans from Ana White. He used the farmhouse bed plans in a twin size. Everything went pretty well (besides our paint sprayer acting up- but that is not her fault).
There was one change that he made for me. The collage wall was hung before the beds were made and he cut 7" off of each piece to shrink them down so that I wouldn't have to move everything up. I love him! 
They are really heavy and sturdy! Oh, the comforters were from Target HERE- we got them on clearance for under $10.
Oh, and this is the doll bunk bed he made for one of the girls for Christmas. It was made using THIS free plan, also from Ana White.  I am still working on the quilts, but the sheets match the room great! (My daughter picked the fabric.)
Now, I just need to decide whether to paint the door and closet doors white, light gray (like the walls), or dark gray (like the trim). What do you think?

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You can see more of the collage wall (with free printables) HERE: