Barn Sale Sign


The biggest project that I made this Christmas was a custom made "BARN SALE" sign. It is for someone who sells antiques, and I really wanted this to look authentically worn and aged. For real... these pictures don't do it justice. I was super happy with how it turned out!

My husband put three, 36" long, 1 x 6 boards together with strips on the back to hold it together. This sign is HUGE! It is a "pallet" effect, but with solid, better quality wood that will last a long time.

The layers underneath contain mustard yellow and robin's egg blue- both very "vintage" paint colors. The background is several layers of barn red paint. The letters are white, but I did them with about four coats of paint using a tiny brush. It is hard to get a crisp, white color over a dark background and I didn't want thick brush lines. I also used the little paintbrush to give the letters a black shadow and it really made it pop!

It was difficult to find hangers that were not shiny and new, so we ended up using these fun, decorative, gate hinges. Flat, black, tractor paint was used to take the gloss away and the end hole was drilled out a little bigger to make it possible to use rope to hang it up.

The lettering isn't perfect, but it is authentic and this piece took a lot of work! 

Thank you to my sister for modeling this piece. :)
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