Cat in the Hat Name Practice Activity

Kindergarten registration is quickly approaching. I am not ready. My summer baby is not completely prepared academically, either. Oh, I think she will be fine and I don't expect as much out of her because she is younger than the other kids. Still, I am feeling like a failure for not doing a better job of preparing her. I mean, it is the new standard for preschoolers to be enrolled in music, gymnastics, karate, ballet, swimming, art, yoga, and intermediate accounting classes. And speak 3 languages. Mine just stays home with me and makes messes.

I am probably wrong, but I am not pushing her too hard. I want her to play and have fun at home while she still can. Without making messes, of course.

Her name only has 3 different letters in it, though. Seriously. I think we could work on that.

Side note: We once considered the name Dominique but I pictured trying to teach a 4yo to write that and scrapped it from the list. #lazyparenting

Also, I haven't made any new busy bags for awhile. They usually keep her occupied so that she makes less messes. Double win.


Since Read Across America Day is coming up and I appreciate a good Dr. Seuss book, it gave me a starting point for some new busy bag ideas. This one is just strips of card stock with letters written on in Sharpie. On the back sides, I did a dotted version, then laminated the strips with packaging tape to make them dry-erase marker friendly. I even made an extra set for my nephew 'cause I am awesome like that and had extra paper strips.

If y0u want to pin it for later...

Here are some more busy bags I have made if you are looking for more ideas:

Use plastic eggs for a simple busy bag or learning center activity matching upper and lower case alphabet letters!

Felt Deer Mask

The clock is ticking, but I haven't started any Halloween costumes yet. I need to get the kids to make final decisions and lock them in soon. Instead, I am still blogging about the last-minute costumes I made last year! This is actually my favorite of the costumes. My daughter wanted to be a deer. She just wore brown leggings and a brown sweater with a furry scarf and leg warmers, plus black flats for her "hooves". It was not totally deer-accurate, but still very cute and cozy! All I had to do was create a mask for her to wear. We were going to add antlers, but she was a girly deer, so we skipped that.

Easy Last-Minute Deer Costume for Girls

I even used glitter!

Pretty felt deer mask for a girls' costume

I feel the need to clarify that this mask was inspired by one that I saw on Pinterest, from etsy. I made quite a few changes to her design and she is not selling them anymore. (Hers were much nicer!)

Anyway, here is a little look at the behind-the-scenes process of how I made mine...


I made a template for the pieces that you can download HERE. Just make sure that you print it in "actual size" for an older child. Just head to Pinterest for a tutorials for the felt rose. They have lots of them!


At the very last minute, I made a felt tail to pin to the back of her sweater. I just cut a deer tail shape and glued some fuzzy white yarn to one side. No pics of that on her, cause I am not photographing her behind. That is weird.


I think I prefer my newer method of adding simple accessories to regular clothes for an easy costume. It is more comfortable for the kids and when we are at our family party they can easily take them off to play. I am really hoping that they choose easy costumes this year!

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Mod Podge Toy Doghouse

My parents have a great tradition with the grandchildren. When they reach a certain age, they are treated to a birthday dinner out/shopping spree/sleepover. My kids really enjoy it. They love having some one on one time with them and getting a break from their siblings! Last year, my dad helped my 9yo build a toy doghouse for some stuffed animals she chose on her shopping spree. She brought it home to have me help her decorate it. We finally got around to it a year later. I am going to let her tell you about it!


Scalloped Mod Podge roof made from scrapbook paper circles

Cut out flowers from scrapbook paper to use in mod podge crafts!

Cute kids craft using paint, scrapbook paper, and mod podge!

Wood play doghouse with removable side


Hi! I'm Lydia. I have 2 stuffed dogs named Sky and Rose. My Pappy and I built a doghouse for my dogs.

Wooden Toy Doghouse

Then, my mom helped me decorate the doghouse and it was looking pretty good! First, I decorated the roof. We punched circles out of scrapbook paper. Then, we used Mod Podge to glue them on the roof.


Some of them stuck out over the edge so we had to sand them off.

Sand paper edges when using Mod Podge!


Next, I painted the outside of the house red and the inside aqua. Then, we cut out windows, flowers, and butterflies from the leftover paper. We used Mod Podge to put them on, too.




Last, Mom painted grass, stems, and leaves on the sides of the house.

Use floral scrapbook paper to create flowers with Mod Podge!

My doghouse turned out beautiful!




Kids craft toy doghouse makeover


Thank you, Lydia! The before and after is pretty impressive. I was glad that we could work together on this. It is sometimes hard for me to let go of my perfectionism and let the kids have control of the craft projects. She did a great job!

If you want to pin it for later...

Wow! Look at this toy doghouse makeover!

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