WIP Wednesday ~ Bring on Spring!


OK. I am slacking on the blog posts again. Yes, I have all of these awesome projects here and I am only giving little teasers about them. One of these days I will catch up enough to start blogging about them for real.

From last week...
~No, still no pics of those doll quilts. I am not sure if our wood glue is any good- it might have frozen- so the doll bunk beds still need repaired.
~I need to scan the bear pattern and edit more pictures to finish that post. I just didn't get around to it yet.
~I did finish the crochet cow hat, but the blue button eyes looked super creepy! I bought new ones that are brown, but my kids ran off with them. I have only relocated one so far.
~My organizing spree brought on by 40 Bags in 40 Days has continued. In fact, I broke open a bag of m&m's on Friday and was able to fill the back of my car with donations by purging through my kitchen and reorganizing. Maybe I will do a post on my organizing efforts, too. Ha! Who am I kidding?

So, what else has been going on? Glad you asked.

I attended a baby shower and whipped up one of my flannel rag edge baby blankets. (Tutorial available HERE.)

If you look REALLY close, you can see the variegated thread that I used around the edges. It matched perfectly! I still had a full bobbin left from THIS quilt so it was a win-win.
I am starting to get ready for Easter! No, I haven't started the girls' dresses yet and I don't even know what I am going to do for those yet. 
However, I did start something I hope to put in my 2yo's Easter basket. It is going to be a spring themed quiet book to coordinate with her winter book. This is all that I have done so far. I bet you can guess what the next page will be!
I am also working on some baskets for a few customers who ordered in the past and have expanded their families, hence they need a matching basket for the new baby. I use textbooks and those dumb hardcover Cabelas catalogs my husband thinks are collectible to flatten the bottoms as they dry.

As you can see, the kids like to play while I am weaving.

Speaking of kids, the girls and I made a list of decorating ideas for their playhouse (another thing I haven't blogged about) and started one of the projects. Any guesses as to what this will be?

I am linking up with Silly Mama Quilts.