Cheesy Valentine Candy Gift Tags

Guys are really hard to shop for. Valentine’s Day is a challenge. I actually don’t usually get anything for my husband because after you bear him a son on Valentine’s Day you really can’t top that. “Gifts” is not really our love language anyway. We are old and a bit more practical. Youngsters have a bit more enthusiasm, it seems.

So, what do you get a guy for Valentine’s Day? My daughter and I spent about 20 minutes searching Pinterest for ideas while we were at Target. We chose a bunch of cheesy candy sayings and loaded up the cart. Then, I made up some labels and printed them on adhesive paper for us to use. (If I was helping out I figured I might as well copy her ideas!) She made up a cute little gift basket. I just threw everything in a reused gift bag.

Valentine Candy Gift Basket for Him
Cute Valentine Candy Sayings

Ugh. Dark winter days make my pictures stink. You get the point, though. Anyway, since I designed all of these cute labels, I figured that I might as well share them on the blog so that maybe others can benefit, too. As I said, shopping for guys is hard and us ladies have to stick together. I am just dropping them all below as images, so you can pick and choose what you might like to use. Then, copy and paste them to make them whatever size you want. These would probably be cute for class valentines, too, if you just wanted to pick one candy/cheesy saying and go with that. My daughter did a lot more than I did because 1. she went all out with that youngster enthusiasm and 2. my husband should not eat wheat. (Skipping anything with gluten was a Valentine’s gift to myself!)

Valentine Candy Bags with Cute Sayings

Cheesy Valentine Candy Gift Tags

My husband actually said it was too much candy. He is not great at rationing himself and all of the sweets made his teeth hurt. That is because we are old people. I probably won’t give him another Valentine gift for another 20 years or so.

I got the graphic that I used to make these from freepik. Here is the attribution:

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