Felt Deer Mask

The clock is ticking, but I haven't started any Halloween costumes yet. I need to get the kids to make final decisions and lock them in soon. Instead, I am still blogging about the last-minute costumes I made last year! This is actually my favorite of the costumes. My daughter wanted to be a deer. She just wore brown leggings and a brown sweater with a furry scarf and leg warmers, plus black flats for her "hooves". It was not totally deer-accurate, but still very cute and cozy! All I had to do was create a mask for her to wear. We were going to add antlers, but she was a girly deer, so we skipped that.

Easy Last-Minute Deer Costume for Girls

I even used glitter!

Pretty felt deer mask for a girls' costume

I feel the need to clarify that this mask was inspired by one that I saw on Pinterest, from etsy. I made quite a few changes to her design and she is not selling them anymore. (Hers were much nicer!)

Anyway, here is a little look at the behind-the-scenes process of how I made mine...


I made a template for the pieces that you can download HERE. Just make sure that you print it in "actual size" for an older child. Just head to Pinterest for a tutorials for the felt rose. They have lots of them!


At the very last minute, I made a felt tail to pin to the back of her sweater. I just cut a deer tail shape and glued some fuzzy white yarn to one side. No pics of that on her, cause I am not photographing her behind. That is weird.


I think I prefer my newer method of adding simple accessories to regular clothes for an easy costume. It is more comfortable for the kids and when we are at our family party they can easily take them off to play. I am really hoping that they choose easy costumes this year!

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Painted Bug Rocks

How is your summer vacation going? Ours is going OK. Some days are better than others. Some days we have a lot of fun, but some days I am at my wits end because they are fighting and making messes all of the time. Some days I can't believe how productive I have been around here, but most days the house seems completely trashed. Some days we do fun things and some days they binge watch Netflix or play on electronics.

Social media would have you believe that everyone is having these fabulous summer vacations filled with educational trips and activities, siblings playing nicely together, and never any screen time. I call bologna on that. I have worked in the schools enough to know that most kids are just as bratty as mine. When I was a kid, hanging out at my grandparents' pool and watching excessive television was enough. My IQ didn't suffer. Kids need time to unwind, too. It feels like there is so much pressure on parents these days to make everything Pinterest-perfect. (If you are able to do that, rock on, but if your summer vacation looks a little different that what you see on Instagram, that is OK, too!) Yes, there are a select few who will judge you, but admitting the imperfections can be absolutely freeing on both sides.We are only showing our highlight reels. I posted fabulous vacation pictures last week, but no one got to see all of the work that went into packing/unpacking, the fighting in the car when we got lost, the sunburns, the plans that didn't work out, the car problems, etc. I am sure that everyone has some behind-the-scenes stuff, so I just want to keep it real.

On good days, the girls and I do a lot of craft projects. This one was really simple, but the girls enjoyed it! We grabbed a bag of rocks from the Dollar Tree (I didn't feel like searching for smooth rocks in nature) and painted them to look like ladybugs and bumblebees. The girls and I each painted a few of them. They aren't perfect (some of the ladybugs are sideways!) but they are a genuine kids craft. :)

Dollar store rocks are perfect for kids to paint!

Let kids paint simple bee rocks for a fairy garden.

Easy kids craft- ladybug rocks!

Ladybug and bumblebee painted rocks for an outdoor tic tac toe game

We made both ladybugs and bumblebees so that they could play tic tac toe on the stepping stones outside of the playhouse. When they aren't being used to play, then can hide in the flowerbeds.

Let kids paint cute, little bug rocks to decorate the flower garden!

Ladybugs and bumblebees painted on rocks- great summer kids craft!

Painted rocks to brighten up the flowerbeds!

In all fairness, these rocks took a few days to make and I had my teenage stop and buy more yellow paint on the way to an auto parts store. Not everything went smoothly, but they are still cute.

If you want to pin it for later...

Summer Kids Craft- paint rocks to make ladybugs and bumblebees, then use them to play tic tac toe!

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Wow! Look at this toy doghouse makeover!


Fun Washi Tape Ideas for Kids!

Mod Podge Toy Doghouse

My parents have a great tradition with the grandchildren. When they reach a certain age, they are treated to a birthday dinner out/shopping spree/sleepover. My kids really enjoy it. They love having some one on one time with them and getting a break from their siblings! Last year, my dad helped my 9yo build a toy doghouse for some stuffed animals she chose on her shopping spree. She brought it home to have me help her decorate it. We finally got around to it a year later. I am going to let her tell you about it!


Scalloped Mod Podge roof made from scrapbook paper circles

Cut out flowers from scrapbook paper to use in mod podge crafts!

Cute kids craft using paint, scrapbook paper, and mod podge!

Wood play doghouse with removable side


Hi! I'm Lydia. I have 2 stuffed dogs named Sky and Rose. My Pappy and I built a doghouse for my dogs.

Wooden Toy Doghouse

Then, my mom helped me decorate the doghouse and it was looking pretty good! First, I decorated the roof. We punched circles out of scrapbook paper. Then, we used Mod Podge to glue them on the roof.


Some of them stuck out over the edge so we had to sand them off.

Sand paper edges when using Mod Podge!


Next, I painted the outside of the house red and the inside aqua. Then, we cut out windows, flowers, and butterflies from the leftover paper. We used Mod Podge to put them on, too.




Last, Mom painted grass, stems, and leaves on the sides of the house.

Use floral scrapbook paper to create flowers with Mod Podge!

My doghouse turned out beautiful!




Kids craft toy doghouse makeover


Thank you, Lydia! The before and after is pretty impressive. I was glad that we could work together on this. It is sometimes hard for me to let go of my perfectionism and let the kids have control of the craft projects. She did a great job!

If you want to pin it for later...

Wow! Look at this toy doghouse makeover!

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Washi Tape Organization

My daughter has decided that she hates blogging today, so I am going to finish the post for her. It is all about getting organized with washi tape.

Washi tape can help to get things organized in a fun, cute way. My mom made her own tabs in journals to create sections by folding a little washi tape on the edge of the page.

Washi tape on the edge of journal pages to make dividers

My mom also uses washi tape in her planner, and I use it on my calendar to mark important dates.

Washi tape is great for calendars!

My sisters and I also used washi tape to mark the phone/tablet chargers so that we know whose is whose. Charger theft is a very serious crime in our house.

Use washi tape on phone/tablet chargers so they don't get mixed up!

I have my own little "classroom" and the freezer door is the dry erase board. Many real teachers also use washi tape to create sections on blackboards or dry erase boards.

Washi tape for homeschooling- make sections on dry erase boards

I also made a bunch of washi tape clothespin magnets. If you have washi tape that is about the same size as the clothespins it doesn't get any easier than this! Just put a strip of washi tape on the front and an adhesive magnet or two on the back.

Washi tape clothespin magnets

Washi tape clothespin magnets- easy craft project for kids or groups

I also made these organizers out of one of my shotgun shell boxes. The animal print is actually duct tape, though.

Washi tape on small boxes to sort school supplies

Use tape to cover cardboard boxes- thrifty organizing ideas!


Thanks for taking your time to read this post!

If you want to pin these ideas for later...

Get organized with washi tape!

You can see all of the Washi Week 2017 posts HERE.

Washi Tape Fun

(Washi Week 2017 is a blog series by Halley, my 13yo daughter.) Hello there! Welcome to day three of washi week, and today's topic, washi tape fun!  I apologize that this is a day late a storm knocked out our internet:( There are so many fun things to do with washi tape. It doesn't have to serve a purpose. As long as it's cute, it is worth making!

These are American Girl doll-sized folders and textbooks. The washi tape not only holds them together, but it makes them cuter, too!

Use washi tape and paper to make doll folders and notebooks!

A better view of the insides...

Washi tape doll crafts

For Operation Christmas Child last year we made play scenes out of Altoid tins. The washi tape just made the outside cuter. You can read more about them HERE.

washi tape covered altoid tins - so easy and cute!

Here are some scrap-booked picture frames that only need a little strip of washi tape make them look cute. Tapes with phrases on them are my favorite to use for things like this. (See more frames HERE.)

washi tape words and saying on picture frames

The star box below was taken from my mom and washi taped with a set of washi tape I had bought.

Washi tape is the fastest and easiest way to decorate boxes!

As you can see, my sisters ruined it by drawing all over the top of it.

Cover boxes with washi tape- easy kids craft!


There are so many different thing to do with washi tape, these are just a few. So here is a list of some more ideas I have tried:

  • Washi tape popsicle stick bracelets
  • Washi tape covered staplers
  • Washi tape on pencil sharpeners
  • Hanging things (walls, lockers, etc.)
  • Sealing notes
  • Covering books

There are plenty more, but these are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

If you want to pin it for later...

Fun Washi Tape Ideas for Kids!

Thanks for reading my post, I hope you liked it. Be sure to stay tuned for tomorrow and if you haven't already, please read the previous posts from this week. You can find them all HERE:

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