Summertime on the "Wanna Be" Farm

So, I haven't been blogging very much lately, but that is because there is a lot of summer stuff going on around here. 
I taught the girls to make clover chains last week. I was thinking about it and I wonder if that will become a "lost art" one day...
When/if the kids get their small list of chores done, they get a chance to jump into the new pool. Lately, they had better hurry up because we have been getting thunderstorms every day.
The rain is good for the garden, though.  The peas did GREAT this year- best ever!- and I have been busy freezing them. (We have 23 quarts of shell peas and 20 quarts of snap peas so far!)  I might start a blog series this summer on how I freeze and can our harvest from the garden.
The lettuce is abundant, too. It doesn't freeze, so we are giving it away to anyone who will take some!
The green beans will soon be ready, too.  I am going to learn to pressure can them this year because we used up so much freezer space already on the peas and beef.
My 2yo "helped" to plant something in the garden, too! Any guesses as to what this is?
I will give you a hint...
The girls love picking wild raspberries, too. Unfortunately, one of them got chigger bites all over her cheek and neck from picking them. We are breaking out the bug spray or tea tree oil or something next time.
Oh, and people always ask what these tall plants are...
They are what we like to call "asparagus trees" and it is just what asparagus grows into when you stop harvesting them.  It is good for the root structure and for encouraging them to spread. Now you know. :)
We have had some additions to our animals around here. I sent my husband to my in-laws' farm to pick up my son and get milk and eggs. Instead, my son comes home with 10 of these!  They are really making me mad because they are free ranging everywhere.  Our Ameraucana chickens have not been laying well, but the rooster keeps his hens in line and they stay away from our house, pool, flowers, garages, etc.

Also, two more kittens showed up last week. (A big ol' sarcastic "yippee" for that. I can barely open my door!) They did not look very healthy, but our mother cat adopted them and has been taking very good care of them.

We recently celebrated Grace's 2nd birthday, too! I made really pathetic-looking kitten cupcakes and a crock pot chocolate lava cake that was a big hit!

The week before her party I went on an ice cream making frenzy, though. I have a Kitchenaid ice cream maker (love it!) so I did a batch or two every day. I made vanilla, coffee, chocolate, mint chocolate chip, raspberry, cheesecake, and strawberry cheesecake. (If I got the recipe online there is a link there.)

I did a little bit of sewing this past weekend- I love hiding in my room with the AC whenever I can get away with it, so I will post about that stuff later.
So, what have I NOT been doing? Well, I am not weeding my flowers! Gravity is not my friend.  I did waddle out there to take a few pictures...

I hope you are enjoying your summer so far! What have you been up to?