Maisie Dresses

I finally used up some of the oldest fabric in my stash. It has been sitting on my sewing table for about 8 years. My mom got a few yards of blue, Hello Kitty fabric for me to make something for my second daughter and I just never got around to it. She is 12 now, so I think the window of opportunity has passed. I have a niece who loves kitties and the color blue, so I decided to make a dress for her. I chose the Maisie dress pattern from Violette Field Threads. It was one of the patterns I chose as part of my Project Run and Play prize and I have been wanting to make one anyway. My 4yo is about the same size as my niece (they were born 2 days apart!) so she modeled it for me to take pictures. I was in a hurry and my camera settings were clearly off. So the pictures are a little funky, but I gave the dress away and couldn't take more. No amount of editing could save them.


The tie sleeves are cute, but my favorite part is the scoop back!!!


I actually ended up making two dresses, assembly line style, since I had so much of this fabric. I made the second for another niece of mine in a size 2T and chose the longer sleeves. I did make a mistake on one of the dresses, but I am not going to tell you about it. OK? Overall, this was a really cute pattern and I was happy with how they turned out.


More Key Fobs

My daughter decided to reinvest the profits from her first key fob sale to buy more supplies. We do some economics lessons as she plans out what she wants to buy. I like that she is able to learn multiple skills through this little "business". She has to do a lot of math, too. I won't help her and I won't let her use my calculator because I am mean like that. So, as before, I will link each pic to the shop if you are interested in purchasing any of these. If not, you can just scroll through and appreciate how cute they turned out!

She finally gave one to me this time, too! I don't mean to sales pitch them so much, but it does make it a lot easier to find my keys in the abyss of my purse if I am not wearing the fob on my wrist, too!

P.S. Link to my shop is HERE.