Free Printable Planner Stickers ~ Arrows

I kind of like being able to create planner stickers based on what I will actually use. These stickers will probably not be particularly useful to most people, but I am sharing them anyway.

Small boxes with arrows - free planner sticker printable

I have a few kids participating in our school's archery program. Now, it is not a particularly exciting sport for the spectators (it makes golf seem wild!!!) but they seem to enjoy it. I need to keep track of practices and tournaments, so I designed some planner stickers with little arrows on them. Of course, arrows are kind of trendy so they could be used for just about anything in a planner.

Archery Planner Stickers - free printable

Arrow stickers for tracking archery practice

I made mine in shades of our school colors that coordinate with my Happy Planner, but I also made some in black and white. Both are available for your personal use by clicking on the links below:

Blue and Gold Arrow Planner Stickers

Black and White Arrow Planner Stickers

I just print mine on adhesive label paper and cut them out to use as needed.

Arrow Free Printable Planner Stickers

I also have these stickers available:

If you want to learn more about how I use my Happy Planner...

How to use a Happy Planner

Mod Podge Toy Doghouse

My parents have a great tradition with the grandchildren. When they reach a certain age, they are treated to a birthday dinner out/shopping spree/sleepover. My kids really enjoy it. They love having some one on one time with them and getting a break from their siblings! Last year, my dad helped my 9yo build a toy doghouse for some stuffed animals she chose on her shopping spree. She brought it home to have me help her decorate it. We finally got around to it a year later. I am going to let her tell you about it!


Scalloped Mod Podge roof made from scrapbook paper circles

Cut out flowers from scrapbook paper to use in mod podge crafts!

Cute kids craft using paint, scrapbook paper, and mod podge!

Wood play doghouse with removable side


Hi! I'm Lydia. I have 2 stuffed dogs named Sky and Rose. My Pappy and I built a doghouse for my dogs.

Wooden Toy Doghouse

Then, my mom helped me decorate the doghouse and it was looking pretty good! First, I decorated the roof. We punched circles out of scrapbook paper. Then, we used Mod Podge to glue them on the roof.


Some of them stuck out over the edge so we had to sand them off.

Sand paper edges when using Mod Podge!


Next, I painted the outside of the house red and the inside aqua. Then, we cut out windows, flowers, and butterflies from the leftover paper. We used Mod Podge to put them on, too.




Last, Mom painted grass, stems, and leaves on the sides of the house.

Use floral scrapbook paper to create flowers with Mod Podge!

My doghouse turned out beautiful!




Kids craft toy doghouse makeover


Thank you, Lydia! The before and after is pretty impressive. I was glad that we could work together on this. It is sometimes hard for me to let go of my perfectionism and let the kids have control of the craft projects. She did a great job!

If you want to pin it for later...

Wow! Look at this toy doghouse makeover!

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Washi Tape Cards

Hi! I'm Halley, and I'm here for Washi Week. Since I know many people have absolutely no idea what washi tape is, let me explain: washi tape is decorative paper tape that comes in SO many different sizes and prints, and you can do just about anything with it. I am basically the expert of washi tape in the family. I can't tell you how much I love this stuff. I may or may not have an obsession :) My parents (mostly my dad) say I have a real problem. I started with only 2 rolls from last Easter, and now I have  A LOT! I counted 79 this morning but I know I am missing at least 15. Anyway, I am super excited to tell you about my best Washi creations, and we're going to start the week off with my favorite... CARDS! The thing I love about making cards is there is so many things you can do with them and so many occasions you can make them for! Christmas, birthdays, weddings, thank you cards, or even just random cards to give to friends (those are my favorite!). Just like my amazing mom, I love Pinterest!!! Many of my cards are Pinterest-inspired.

With this card the sparkly card stock background gives a "happy" look to it, perfect for a birthday card.

Canlde Washi Tape Card

I love this card! It was made for my sister who was going to be starting kindergarten, and she needed to get pumped up about it. What better way then using a card!?! All I did was cut a paper bag to size and glued it on. Then, using thin washi tape, I ripped off pieces to look like pencils then drew the tips So simple, yet so cute!

Washi Tape Pencil Card

This card was my first, but I don't like it because I can't decide which way to hold it!

Cute flower embellishment on a blank card with washi tape!

A lot of times when I buy my washi tape, they come in matching sets of two or three. Below are some of the tapes I matched together and and used on the cards. Some of them don't have their "caption boxes" yet, but usually if it's a taped background, I use a solid colored circle to surround the caption box, and if it's a solid background I include one of the tapes on the card to surround it.

Simple washi tape cards- so easy and fun!

And Some More Cards...

Washi tape cards that anyone can make!

I made these cards just recently using cards that I bought and, some metallic washi tape to really set them off.


If the card isn't cute enough already you can add something simple and adorable to spice things up. All you have to do is border the envelope with one of the washi tapes used on the card. You can even add a strip on the front of the envelope to add a little extra cuteness to it. It just makes people more excited to get it in the mail!

Use washi tape to decorate envelopes!

Thanks so much for reading my post. I hope you liked it! Be sure to stay tuned for the rest of Washi Week!

If you want to pin it for later...


Use blank cards and washi tape to make cute greeting cards for any occasion!

Scrapbook Paper Picture Frame Tutorial

April is generally the craft month for our MOPS group. We wanted to come up with something that every mom could use... picture frames! At the March meeting we set up a photo booth with two background choices: an aqua sheet thumbtacked to the divider with THIS pink and yellow bunting or a navy sheet thumbtacked to the divider with some yellow stars that are part of our "Starry Eyed" meeting decor. They were simple, but beautiful (and FREE!) One of our steering team members is also a talented photographer. She has a good eye for capturing those special moments. She photographed the moms as they came in with their little ones and we got free 4 x 6 prints through the Shutterfly app printed before the April meeting. We figured if there was a picture to put in the frame right away it would be used.

Cute and easy MOPS craft with picture frames!

The frames were easy and inexpensive. I got them at Michaels and used a 30% off your entire purchase coupon so they were only 70 cents each. We also used up leftover paper from our journal craft in September (see HERE). I picked up some more scrapbook papers in neutral and blue colors that would be better for pictures with the navy background.

DIY book page picture frame

Scrapbook paper over a wood frame...

MOPS photo booth and picture frame craft

I have made these frames before and you can see some of them in my daughters' collage wall HERE. It is the perfect craft for a ladies night or a group. You can add little embellishments like baker's twine, washi tape, fabric flowers, die-cuts, etc. so they will all be unique. In addition to flat frames like these, you can use this same technique on any flat wood surface. I made a mustache for the collage wall, too!

Easy group craft- scrapbook paper covered picture frames!

Here is what you need:

~wood frame ~mod podge ~foam brush ~sandpaper ~scrapbook paper ~scissors ~pencil ~embellishments (optional) ~paint (optional)

Easy DIY frame craft with scrapbook paper, cheap wood frames, and mod podge.

I began by painting the edges of the frames just to make the finished product a little nicer. I used white acrylic.

Paint the edges of frames for a nicer finish

Lightly sand the frame to remove any rough edges or extra paint. (My craft table is a disaster! #keepitreal)

how to prep a wood frame for decorating

Trace the frame on the wrong side of the paper (so you don't see pencil marks in case you mess up).

how to make scrapbook paper frames

Cut out the frame shape you traced, but leave a little extra outside the pencil lines. Always go big, not too small!

Cute paper to cover wood frames

Brush a layer of mod podge onto the frame. It should be a fairly thick layer, but it should all be smoothed out- no runs or lumps.


Lay the paper on top of the frame, lining up the center opening and edges as best as you can. There should be a little extra all around.

How to cover a wooden frame with paper

If you get big wrinkles, you can take it off and redo it, but only if you are fast about it. Some wrinkles can be pushed out by hand, or you can even try scraping with a credit card. Just smooth it all out the best that you can and let it dry. We did our "speed friending" activity awhile.

Then, it is time to sand the extra paper off of the edges. Make sure to use a perpendicular, downward motion (if you have ever done Jamberry nails it is the same technique!) Don't ever push the sandpaper back upward or you might lift the paper. Just keep scraping down at as close to a 90 degree angle as you can. Use some muscle! It takes a bit of pressure to make it work. The paper will begin to loosen and peel off.

This tip helps you sand extra paper of the edges of mod podge frames for a clean finish.

The secret to getting perfect edges on mod podge picture frames...

Don't forget the inside, too. It looks very crisp and neat when you are done! Nothing at all like my messy table.

How to get clean edges on a paper covered frame

It is a good idea to seal it by brushing on a thin layer of mod podge. If you want to add embellishments, just brush a little mod podge on, stick it on top, then just brush over the whole frame.

Cute embellishments on a DIY frame. Mod podge is great!

See? It dries clear.

Easy picture frame craft project!

You can also add washi tape to a dry frame and lightly seal over that.

Washi tape on a DIY picture frame

Pretty easy, right? I think the sanding is the trick to this. And now, on a nicer background than my icky table...

Mod podge, scrapbook paper, and washi tape make this cute frame!

There is a lot that you can do with these. They don't take too long and don't cost much to make. If you mess up and get too many wrinkles, you can always rip the paper off, sand, and try again. Or, you can call it "texture" and just go with it. No one will see small wrinkles from across the room. Just you.

scrapbook paper mod podge frames

Feel free to pin it for later...

Use scrapbook paper and cheap wood frames to make a cute craft - perfect for craft nights and groups!

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