Maisie Dresses

I finally used up some of the oldest fabric in my stash. It has been sitting on my sewing table for about 8 years. My mom got a few yards of blue, Hello Kitty fabric for me to make something for my second daughter and I just never got around to it. She is 12 now, so I think the window of opportunity has passed. I have a niece who loves kitties and the color blue, so I decided to make a dress for her. I chose the Maisie dress pattern from Violette Field Threads. It was one of the patterns I chose as part of my Project Run and Play prize and I have been wanting to make one anyway. My 4yo is about the same size as my niece (they were born 2 days apart!) so she modeled it for me to take pictures. I was in a hurry and my camera settings were clearly off. So the pictures are a little funky, but I gave the dress away and couldn't take more. No amount of editing could save them.


The tie sleeves are cute, but my favorite part is the scoop back!!!


I actually ended up making two dresses, assembly line style, since I had so much of this fabric. I made the second for another niece of mine in a size 2T and chose the longer sleeves. I did make a mistake on one of the dresses, but I am not going to tell you about it. OK? Overall, this was a really cute pattern and I was happy with how they turned out.


Hipster Cat Dress

My niece just turned 5 years old and she is such a cutie pie! She has big, pink glasses and she was wanted a "kitty" birthday party. When I saw THIS fabric on Joann's website I knew that I had to make her a special dress for her birthday.

She is also very thin with long legs so I thought it would be nice for her to have something sized just for her. I decided on the Charlie dress pattern from Violette Field Threads (one of my Project Run and Play prizes!) because it has a retro feel that worked well with the fabric. It has that cute, knot detail in the front, a very full skirt, and pockets in the side seams.

I happened to have JUST ENOUGH of the pink polka dot fabric in my stash and it matched perfectly! I lined it with a matching, bubble gum pink solid. I debated on which buttons to use and took an instagram poll with the pink ones winning.

This pattern went together pretty well. I did have some trouble with the cap sleeves/enclosed side seams so I rigged it. If anyone has a technique for that, please teach me!

I wish I had had enough fabric left for the matching knot headband. Bummer! The free pattern for that is HERE if you want to check it out!

Fabric: Joann and my stash Pattern: Charlie from Violette Field Threads

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Unicorn Dresses

A few weeks ago someone absolutely destroyed my sewing scissors. I still don't know who or how it happened. I don't think that mere paper could have caused those nicks and warped the metal blades. It is a mystery.

But I was in the mood to sew something, so I turned to the pile of projects that I already had cut out.

I am not 100% happy with these, but they will probably stain and destroy them fast enough anyway. At least they are finished.

Fabric- Joann Pattern- Uptown/Downtown Dress

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The Unicorn Dress

If you haven't noticed, I never made Easter dresses for the rest of my girls. They don't really need more clothes, and I was kinda' burnt out after Project Run and Play. I got fabric for some of them, so we'll see what I feel like making in the future. This is my new underachiever attitude: I will sew if and when I feel like it. Isn't that how a hobby is supposed to be? The day of my youngest child's 4th birthday, I felt like sewing. I didn't have much of the unicorn fabric I had ordered for her, so I knew that I should probably sew something with it before she outgrew the fabric or her unicorn obsession. I had been stuck in that overthinking stage, but I realized that an imperfect dress was better than a piece of fabric on my shelf.

Unicorn Parade London Dress

I used the free London dress pattern from Violette Field Threads. I extended the bodice and for the skirt I just used 3/4 yd of the unicorn panel cut in half. It went together really easily, although the top is a little wide under the arms. Maybe she will grow into it? It isn't perfect, but I have a feeling that she will wear this dress until it is completely stained or falls apart.

London Dress made with fabric panel

For pure silliness I photoshopped a horn on our horse, just because my daughter asked me to. Why not?

Unicorn Dress

Bias tape: Joann Bodice: When Skies Are Grey by Simple Simon and Co. for Riley Blake Skirt: Unicorn Parade by Sarah Jane for Michael Miller