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About Us

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I guess if you clicked on this you want to know a little bit more about me.  Well, here goes nothing…

I am a Christian. Oh, that doesn’t mean I am better than anyone else, because I still mess up – a lot – but I am trying really hard and so thankful for His grace.

A long time ago, I married a guy who keeps life interesting and makes me laugh. He puts up with me when I am moody and is smart enough to bring me chocolate sometimes.

We have six children (five girls and their very out-numbered big brother). They keep things interesting around here, too! I could easily fill a book with stories of the antics they have pulled. OK- probably more than one.

Although, the boy I married said that he hated cows, we now live on a little wanna-be farm with (you guessed it) cows, chickens, a much-begged-for-horse, a dog, and a few multiplying cats that people have dumped on us. We grow LOTS of fruits and vegetables and in the summer I can and freeze my little heart out.

The girl my husband married couldn’t cook or bake.  (I once made a cake that grew in your mouth and even screwed up mixing iced tea and boiling spaghetti!)  So, I guess I grew up a little bit, too, and now I cook and bake (from scratch mostly!) and people say that they like it. (Yes, of course they could be lying, but our bathroom scale isn’t.)

I do too many crafting projects!  I like to sew (especially quilts and girly things), weave baskets, paint, draw, create things from wood, crochet, and take pictures. I am aspiring to do a bit more decorating for our own home after years of creating items to sell for other people’s homes. I have a B.S. and teaching certificate in Chemistry, but I am staying home until the kids are older. I craft because my brain needs a creative challenge and sometimes it is just nice to have a product to show for my efforts (unlike all of the cleaning and laundry which is undone in 0.2 seconds around here).